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Tracey Emin, Everybody Needs a Place to Think, 2002

Tracey Emin


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Tracey Emin

Everybody Needs a Place to Think, is a highly collectible limited edition screen-print on handkerchief created by YBA artist Tracey Emin. Emin was commissioned by the BBC to create a gift to accompany the VIP invitation to their launch party of BBC Four. The work bears the text inscription "Everybody Needs a Place to Think", the text "BBC Four" (three times), an image of a dog with a bone, and Tracey's printed signature and date of 2002. This work is held in its original cardboard box, and is accompanied by the original card invitation to the launch party for BBC Four on February 28, 2002. The invitation also includes printed text by Tracey Emin in her recognizable handwriting outlining the event details, and noting "Please bring this invitation with you, otherwise you're not going to get in, Love, Tracey X." While attendees were able to keep the handkerchief, they were forced to surrender the invitation, making this full set especially uncommon and collectible.
This work is in excellent condition with original folds, as issued, and has never been framed. The handkerchief measures 20.25 by 21 inches; the gift box measures 5.5 by 5.5 inches and the invitation card measures 5.25 by 5.25 inches.
Produced by: BBC 4, British Broadcasting Company

Signature: Plate signed and dated on recto

Provenance: BBC 4, UK


Height:   20.25
Width:   21.00
Depth:   0.30