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Shepard Fairey Bureau of Public Works, 2004

Shepard Fairey


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Shepard Fairey

Bureau of Public Works (on Wood). 2004

Mixed media silkscreen on wood panel
Hand signed and annotated on both the recto and verso. In original handmade artist's frame.
24 1/2 × 18 3/4 × 1 1/4 inches
Annotated: AP/1
This is a Unique Work

"Bureau of Public Works" was featured in the 2005 Shepard Fairey exhibition "Visual Disobedience" at the Ox-Op Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Below is a link to the original press release for this show, along with a reproduction of this work in the show:

In excellent condition. Any antique appearance (see close up craquelure) is inherent to the work and part of the look. One of the most influential street artists working today, Shepard Fairey has created political works across several mediums, including stickers, screenprints, and spray paint. Originating underground, his art has become prominent in both pop culture and the art world, embracing marketing and advertising strategies, as well as political and social activism. Challenging the status quo, one of his most famous projects, Obey Giant (1990-present), illustrated Fairey's interest in phenomenology and subversion, as he quietly placed his Andre the Giant stickers in cities across the world. His poster Hope became the defining image of the 2008 presidential campaign, capturing Barack Obama's message for change with bold colors and clean lines.



Hand signed and annotated on the recto (front) and the verso (back). 


This work was produced by the artist for the OX-OP Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota for Fairey's "Visual Disobedience" exhibition.


 This work was included in the exhibition "Visual Disobedience", a one-man.Shepard Fairey show at the OX-OP Gallery in Minneapolis, MN 



Height:   24.50
Width:   18.75
Depth:   1.25