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Louise Bourgeois, "We Love You", 2000

Louise Bourgeois


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Louise Bourgeois

We Love You, 2000

Mixed Media Engraving and watercolor with unique Ink Drawing on Fabriano Paper. Hand signed, Inscribed, Dedicated. Unframed.
7 × 11 1/10 in
17.8 × 28.2 cm
Unique Variant with hand coloring 
Edition of 5

Engraving with blue and red ink drawing additions, a unique variant from the edition of 40, state five of five, published by the artist, with full margins. This work has hand drawing with blue and red ink, and is dedicated to "Joachim". It was acquired from the Estate of Joachim Neugrosche - the prolific literary translator, essayist, art critic, poet, editor, and publisher, who translated more than 200 books from Yiddish, French, German, Russian, and Italian. The son of the Yiddish Galician poet Mendel Neugroschel, Joachim developed a special interest in Yiddish literature. He died in 2011 at the age of 73.
This work is in excellent condition; unframed - and with a beautiful message - WE LOVE YOU. And we promise you: you will love it. Makes a memorable gift too.

Signed, inscribed X and dedicated to "Joachim" in pencil. 

Provenance: "We Love You" was a gift of love from Louise Bourgeois to her friend, renowned literary translator and art critic Joachim Neugrosche, and it was acquired from his collection. 


Height:   7.00
Width:   11.10