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Jean Tinguely, Collage Drawing /Collage Dessin, Silkscreen, from To and From Rrose Sélavy (aka Marcel Duchamp), 1965

Jean Tinguely


Jean Tinguely

Collage Drawing ("Collage Dessin') from To and From Rrose Sélavy, 1965

Silkscreen. Hand signed and dated

13 3/4 × 10 2/5 in

34.9 × 26.4 cm

Eager to share Marcel Duchamp with Japanese audiences, Shuzo Takiguchi - a Japanese-born poet, critic, and artist with ties to Surrealist circles, assembled an international portfolio of graphic works by various artists with strong ties to Duchamp, to accompany the deluxe version of his monograph, "To and From Rrose Sélavy". The present silkscreen, Untitled Collage Drawing, is a tribute to both Takiguchi and Duchamp. One can see the text in both English and French - "For/Cher Takaguchi and Vive Marcel Duchamp ci joint c'est a dire ici meme Voice un dessin" and there are drawings of animals and people. There's also a printed sticker that reads "Avvertenza Importantissima". It is boldly hand signed and dated 8/65 in black marker. A gorgeous and very rare print. Unnumbered from the deluxe portfolio edition VIII/X.

Signed and dated 8/65 in black marker recto


Height:   13.75
Width:   10.40