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Gail Rodgers, Homage to Andy Warhol: Art is what You can Get Away with, Screenprint with Hand Painting on Canvas

Gail Rodgers


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Homage to Andy Warhol

Painting: Screenprint in colors with hand painting on canvas;

Hand Signed; 28" x 41 3/4"

by renowned graphic artist Gail Rodgers

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Rodgers combines the graphic art of silkscreening with hand painting to create original designs and portraits that have caught the eye of numerous art collectors and A-list celebrities.

Born in Worcester, Massachusetts, Gail Rodgers never questioned what she wanted to be when she grew up. As a child, art was her companion and a safe haven for self expression. Whether in the backseat of a car or on the beach of Cape Cod, a piece of paper and a crayon box were never far from reach. Following high school, Rodgers received a summer scholarship to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and then went on to attend California Institute of the Arts in Valencia. Rodgers excelled in this environment and the experience made a lasting impression on her views about art. "I learned to value the concept, the idea, more than the execution. A pretty painting is fine, but what about it? Art, like all living things, needs a soul." 

At age 21, the artist started her own silkscreen company printing t-shirts out of her garage. The ensuing fifteen years found Rodgers working as a silkscreen artist creating designs for Vuarnet, Warner Brothers and other large companies. In 1993, she took a position at an art gallery in Laguna Beach and went on to become the owner of Galerie 224. 

After 17 years as a resident of Laguna Beach, it is Los Angeles that the artist now calls home. "There is something about the city... the different nationalities... the different economic levels... the energy... the rawness... the graffiti... the dirtiness... the sadness... there is something beautiful in the human aspect of it all. I find beauty in the reality of our lives and as a graphic urban artist, that is what I hope to portray." 

And portray. she does... from crowd scenes to images of rush hour traffic, Gail Rodgers silkscreen paintings are always on the move, forever changing. But not without an occasional time out by the seashore or a moment to stop and view the daisies. Where will her work take us from here? That's hard to say. But what is certain is the journey will be a human story told through the eyes of an artist who's time has come. 

Private Collectors include:
Alicia Keys, Patti LaBelle, Michael Clarke Duncan, R.A. Clark, Markku Lappalainen from Hoobastank, Susan Holmes-McKagen, Scott Weiland and Matt Sorum from Velvet Revolver, Neda Mashouf of Bebe, Marlene and Robert Veloz