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Andy Warhol, Love, Andy Warhol, ca. 1979


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Andy Warhol

Love, Andy Warhol, ca. 1979

Ink on card with bow and original handwritten envelope

Hand signed and inscribed by Andy Warhol

Unique, handwritten note hand signed by Andy Warhol with envelope and yellow ribbon to Janet Villella (famous socialite). Done in Black ink marker on card stock from Salou Designs flower shop once located at 452A Columbus Avenue.
Elegantly matted and framed with a gilt color wood frame and UV plexiglass, bearing the original Mark Borghi gallery label in an acrylic sleeve on the back.
Hand written and signed personal note that was originally sent by Warhol along with a bouquet of flowers to Janet Villella on letter head from Salou Designs, a very chic flower shop located at 452A Columbus Avenue in Manhattan - sent to Villela's Park Avenue address.

Janet Villella was a well known socialite who, in the late 70s, hung around with the Rich and Famous like Gianni and Marella Agnelli, Diane Keaton the studio 54 crowd, etc. Andy Warhol famously painted Janet Villella's portrait. In fact, the portrait which was exhibited at the Whitney Museum, later sold privately by Gagosian Gallery and then publicly by Sotheby's in London. This unique note is accompanied by the original envelope and bow provided by Salou Designs flower shop.

16.25 x 14.75 x 1.5 inches
10.25 x 8.75


Height:   16.25
Width:   14.75
Depth:   1.50