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Robert Mangold, Drawing Signed on Card, Classic Minimalist Design with Superb Provenance

Robert Mangold


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Robert Mangold

Minimalist ink drawing. Hand signed and inscribed., ca. 1980

Drawing in Ink on Paper. Hand Signed. Inscribed. Framed.
8 3/4 × 9 3/4 × 1 1/4 in
22.2 × 24.8 × 3.2 cm

This original drawing by Bob Mangold is hand signed and inscribed on lower recto (front).
Inscription reads as follows:
Best Wishes David
Bob Mangold

Elegantly matted and framed
This special piece comes from the private collection of Dr. David Luisi of San Diego. It is accompanied by a copy of a poignant letter from Professor Luisi certifying the work's authenticity and explaining how he acquired it; After describing how he spent his youth visiting art museums. Professor Luisi writes, "Even though I lacked the money to purchase art from famous artists, then at least the slightest contact with them would...allow me to share some of their greatness. With this fantasy in mind I wrote to dozens of artists asking, if they would please send me an autograph... My pleas must have sounded so desperate that they responded not only with autographs but sometimes with small examples of their art, letters and other art memorabilia. Now that I am elderly and the stresses of those years have passed, I am deeply grateful for the kindness of these artists and the psychological lifelines they extended when I needed it most."
The Luisi collection was one of the very best of its kind ever to come to market from that era. This original drawing remained in Dr. Luisi's private collection for 30 years. Luisi only sold it because of his advanced age. The provenance is impeccable as it was gifted and dedicated by the artist directly to David Luisi.
Unconditionally guaranteed authentic. A rare find!

Provenance: Estate of Dr. David Luisi, art professor art collector, autograph and ephemera collector and art lover.


Height:   8.75
Width:   9.75
Depth:   0.25