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Robert Indiana Robert Indiana (Hand Signed and Inscribed by Robert Indiana with star drawing) 2006, Hardback Monograph. Hand Signed, dated and Inscribed by Robert Indiana with star drawing

Robert Indiana


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This large, magnificent, lavishly illustrated hardback monograph with dust jacket is a survey of Robert Indiana's work. The artist has written a gorgeous inscription on the title page with a star drawing in marker on the top, and text underneath that reads: "The Star of Hope/Vinalhaven/1 March 2005/For Eric/Many thanks/Robert Indiana" in the artist's inimitable signature.   The text of this book is by John Wilmerding, Joachim Pissarro, Robert Pincus-Witten and Simon Salama-Caro. This book contains 302 pages and is in very good condition. A comprehensive monograph on the work of an enduring icon of contemporary art. Compiled in close collaboration with three leading art historians examining the various periods of his life and oeuvre.   Makes a terrific gift. Highly collectible and especially uncommon when hand signed and inscribed with a star drawing as is the present book. "Star of Hope" in Vinalhaven, Maine, of course was the artist's residence for the rest of his life after he left the New York art scene.

Makes a terrific gift!


Hand signed, dated and inscribed by artist on title page, with a star drawing.


Height:   13.25
Width:   11.25
Depth:   1.25