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Paula Scher, China, 2013

Paula Scher
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Paula Scher

China, 2013

Hand pulled silkscreen on deluxe Lanaquarelle paper

Pencil signed and numbered on the front from the limited edition of 85

Renowned graphic designer and artist Paula Scher's silkscreen China, from her map series, represents a subjective take on the country’s superpower status. Through the visual vibrancy of information overload in the print, Scher captures the swift transformations taking place in a country steeped with a rich cultural and historical fabric. The multi-directional, scrawled names of sites and statistics speaks to China’s complicated history, from its imperial age of dynasties and warlord conquests, to the violent tumult of its communist conversion.



Height:   24.30
Width:   28.10
Depth:   0.10