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Martin Puryear, Los Angeles Olympic Games 1984, Pencil Signed with Certificate of Authenticity from Publisher & the Olympic Committee , 1982

Martin Puryear


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Martin Puryear

Los Angeles Olympic Games 1984, Pencil Signed with Certificate of Authenticity from Publisher & the Olympic Committee , 1982

Offset Lithograph on Parsons Diploma Parchment Paper. Pencil Signed. Unframed.
21 × 34 1/2 in
53.3 × 87.6 cm
Edition of 750 (though only approx. 200 exist)

This limited edition, pencil signed offset lithograph was published in a limited edition of 750, and printed as one of the fifteen Official Fine Art Olympic Posters for the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. A statement released by the 1984 Olympic committee explains the set as follows -
"The posters commissioned for the 1984 Olympics contain an enlightened selection of the best American artists with special emphasis on those who work in Southern California...As the Games develop, transpire and pass into memory, these fifteen posters contain the images, forms and symbols that will represent the 1984 Olympics in the museums, galleries, homes and the minds of people all over the world.”
Printed and Published by Knapp Communications Corporation and includes Certificate of Authenticity from the publisher.

This work is NOT to be confused with the ubiquitous plate signed poster of the same image, which was printed on different paper in an open edition.) In 1982, the Olympic Committee commissioned 15 artists to create posters for the 1984 Games in Los Angeles. Hockney designed this offset lithograph depicting Olympic swimming. It was printed on Parsons Diploma Parchment paper in 1982, in an edition of 750, and hand signed in pencil by the artist.
Published by: Knapp Communications, Inc.
Printed by: Alan Lithograph Inc.


Height:   21.00
Width:   34.50