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David Hockney My Mother (Bridlington), 1988

David Hockney


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David Hockney

My Mother Bridlington, 1988

Four Color Lithograph on T.H. Saunders Waterford 250 gram paper

Accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity from Publisher

Hand Signed

Limited Edition of 250


*For security purposes the original COA is not shown, but all editions of this work were accompanied by an original COA from the publisher. We do not advise our clients to buy any editions of this work that are not accompanied the publishers' COA. Do so at your own peril.

This rare, limited edition pencil signed lithograph by David Hockney was created on the occasion of artist's retrospective at the Tate Gallery, London on October 22, 1988.  It features a lithographic image of Hockney's original work, My Mother Bridlington featured in the exhibition.  This work was hand signed by the artist on the opening of the retrospective from the special limited edition of 250. It is unnumbered, but a strict limited edition of only 250 were signed by Hockney. This work is also accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity from The publisher of The Mail on Sunday, who first offered this work as a special promotion. Today is is a highly sought after collectors' item. 

(Please note: there was an unsigned edition of this poster. This work is the pencil signed limited edition with COA - not to be confused with the unsigned edition.)

Hand signed by David Hockney on lower recto (front). Comes with hand signed Certificate of Authenticity from publisher, The Mail


Height:   30.00
Width:   20.00