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Brenda Zlamany, Cashew and Oona, 2020

Brenda Zlamany


This art work has been selected by art historian David Cohen, publisher and editor of for inclusion in the benefit exhibition Pets of the Pandemic.  Alpha 137 Gallery is making no profit whatsoever on this exhibition: 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society, and 50% of the proceeds will be paid to the artist.  All collectors who purchase works from this exhibition will receive a special code for a 20% discount off their next fine art purchase from outside of the Pets of the Pandemic exhibition. 

Artist Name:

Brenda Zlamany

Cashew and Oona, 2020

Oil on panel painting

Hand signed, dated and titled on the back. Framed. Unique



Artwork itself: 

12 x 12 inches


13 Square inches


This work was cited for special commendation by the judge, art historian David Cohen, publisher and editor of Artcritical, who wrote,

"This internationally-renowned artist secured her early reputation with paintings of dead birds; in a time of death and isolation here's a portrait of a canary brimful of life as her new pet”

Artist's Statement:

This portrait is of my daughter Oona and our canary Cashew. Cashew is the perfect little creature to share a Williamsburg COVID lockdown with. He is very happy to fly around the loft and does not need to be taken out on walks, which was especially important in the early days when going out was scary. And he is always chipper, especially when singing along to his favorite Joni Mitchell song 'Ladies of the Canyon' while perching on my easel as I paint.”

Shown here are photographs of Cashew, the lovely canary, as well as Brenda and her daughter Oona. 




Height:   13.00
Width:   1.00
Depth:   13.00