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Madara Tropa, Piccolo, 2020

Madara Tropa


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This artwork has been selected by art historian David Cohen, publisher and editor of for inclusion in the benefit exhibition Pets of the Pandemic.  Alpha 137 Gallery is making no profit whatsoever on this exhibition: 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Best Friends Animal Society, and 50% of the proceeds will be paid to the artist. All collectors who purchase works from this exhibition will receive a special code for a 20% discount off their next fine art purchase from outside of the Pets of the Pandemic exhibition.

Madara Tropa

Artwork Title: Piccolo, 2020

Watercolor and pen on paper. Framed

Hand signed, dated and titled on the back




15.5 by 12 inches


14 inches x 11 inches

Artist's Statement:

"I feel my cat Piccolo always watching after me, let it be in dream or awake. He follows me everywhere in the house, always choosing to touchdown on the softest and brightest blankets and towels. His taste for the soft and warm things reminds me to be gentle to myself and others even in the toughest times.”

This work was cited for special commendation by the judge, art historian David Cohen, publisher and editor of Artcritical, who wrote,

" Exquisite touch; spare and decisive."


Madara Tropa completed her studies at the National University of Latvia, and “La Esmeralda” National School of Art in Mexico City. Her recent exhibitions have been in , The Museum of Mexico City, The Cultural Institute of Aguascalientes, The Modern Art Museum of Toluca, and is preparing for future exhibitions in Latvia currently.





Height:   15.50
Width:   12.00
Depth:   0.30