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Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Kiss) Stool 60 (original run), 2019

Barbara Kruger


Barbara Kruger 

Untitled (Kiss), Stool 60, 2019

Artek Stool 60, Design Alvar Aalto, finished in Kruger's signature black, white and red (Pantone #185) painted wood 

Edition 161/300

"This project has been a wonderful opportunity to work with Aalto's classic piece of modernist furniture, while at the same time supporting the ICA, the first institution that offered me a one person show of my work in 1983..."
- Barbara Kruger

This work is from the original, first edition of 300, hand numbered on the underside. (There was a subsequent edition of 600). Untitled (Kiss) (2019) marries Alvar Aalto’s classic piece of modern furniture design, Stool 60, with a specially commissioned work by conceptual artist Barbara Kruger. Finished in Kruger’s signature black, white and red (Pantone 185), this bespoke stool was produced in an initial multiple of 300, of which the present work is. It is hand-numbered and finished on the underside with the artist’s stamp of authenticity; Also accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity from Artek as well as a COA from Alpha 137 Gallery as well as a booklet from the ICA and Artek with statements from Barbara Kruger and the ICA Director. This work is brand new in original packaging and assembled. (easy to assemble) as shipped back in 2019 from the ICA in London.

Hand-numbered and finished on the underside with the artist’s stamp of authenticity

Provenance: Acquired from the ICA in London before they sold out


Height:   17.30
Width:   15.00
Depth:   15.00