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Audrey Flack, A Course in Miracles, 1984

Audrey Flack


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Audrey Flack

A Course in Miracles, 1984

Kodachrome 35mm Color Dye Transfer Print Dry mounted to 4 ply 100% cotton fiber board\

Hand signed and titled by Audrey Flack on the front

20 × 24 inches


Hand signed and titled in ink by Audrey Flack on the front from the unnumbered edition of 50 (plus proofs). Color Photo printed at CVI Lab by master printer Guy Stricherz. Published by Prestige Art Ltd. From the color saturated 1980's.

Dry mounted with seal MT5 dry mounting tissue to 4 ply 100% cotton fiber board, as issued

The title, A Course in Miracles, taken from the eponymous 1976 New Age Manifesto, encourages speculation about each element in this still life. The amount of roses--three--is a significant number in many religions and mythologies. Besides Jesus and Albert Einstein, Flack included the silent mystic Shree Krishnaji, also known as Baba. Flack used the detail of his face with the roses, hovering above the ocean, in her monumental painting, Baba.
Other examples of this print are in major museum and institutional collections, so it is quite desirable in the marketplace.

Audrey Flack Biography:
Audrey Flack is an internationally acclaimed painter, sculptor, and a pioneer of photorealism. Ms. Flack enjoys the distinction of being the first Photorealist painter whose work was purchased by the Museum of Modern Art for its permanent collection. Among many major museums around the world, her work also resides in The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Butler Institute of American Art, National Gallery of Australia, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, and the Allen Memorial Art Museum. Additionally, she is the first woman artist, along with Mary Cassatt, to be included in Janson’s History of Art text.
Among her public commissions are Monumental Gateway to the City of Rock Hill in South Carolina, consisting of four twenty-foot high bronze figures on granite pedestals; Veritas et Justitia, a fifteen foot high figure of Justice for the Thirteenth Judicial Courthouse in Tampa, Florida; and Islandia, a nine-foot high bronze sculpture for the New York City Technical College in Brooklyn, New York. A major retrospective of her work organized by the J.B. Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky has traveled to museums around the country beginning in 1992.
Audrey Flack has taught and lectured extensively both nationally and internationally. She was awarded the Augustus St. Gaudens Medal from Cooper Union, was an honorary Albert Dorne Professor at Bridgeport University, and awarded an honorary professorship at George Washington University. There are numerous books on her work, including Breaking the Rules: Audrey Flack, a Retrospective, 1950-1990 by Thalia Gouma Peterson, published by the Abrams Publishing Company in New York. Audrey Flack is the author of three books, On Painting (Abrams 1986), The Daily Muse (Abrams 1989), and Art & Soul (Penguin USA 1991). She is currently in the process of writing a sequel to Art & Soul, as well as a memoir.
Ms. Flack earned a Graduate Certificate in Fine Arts from the Cooper Union in 1951. She also received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Yale University and attended New York University’s Institute of Fine Arts. In May of 2015 she received an honorary Doctorate degree to Clarke University. Currently Audrey Flack lives and works both in East Hampton and in New York City.

More about Audrey Flack:
Audrey Flack (b. 1931, New York, New York) is most recognized for her Photorealist still lifes that depict dressing tables, food, and flowers and address stereotypes of feminine identities. Flack currently identifies as a sculptor, producing both small and oversized works bronze works of the female figure. She has received several notable public commissions including “Beloved Woman of Justice” for the Howard Baker Junior Federal Courthouse in Knoxville, TN, which has been declared a national landmark for the Cherokee Nation.

Courtesy of Louis K. Meisel Gallery


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