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ANDY WARHOL Flowers (Galerie Sonnabend Invitation) 1970, Offset lithograph on smooth card

Andy Warhol


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This coveted announcement card was for Warhol's 1970 show at Galerie Sonnabend, Paris, Andy Warhol: Sérigraphies sur papier and the reception for the artist. This card is in very good condition with strong colors. The exact size of the edition is unknown, and these rarely come to auction. They are especially rare stateside. 

Ileana Sonnabend was the ex-wife and former partner of the legendary art dealer Leo Castelli. She opened a gallery in Paris, but also remained close with her ex-husband and collaborated with him by helping to promote his stable of artists like Warhol, Rauschenberg, Lichtenstein and Rosenquist in Europe. Both Sonnabend and Castelli were instrumental in introducing American pop art to the European establishment creating a worldwide acceptance level for pop artists like Rauschenberg and Rosenquist. 

 A monumental, historic donation was recently made in Sonnabend's honor by her heirs to MoMA. Her name now appears on the MoMA Founders Wall, even though she was a child when MoMA was founded.


Height:   7.20
Width:   7.20