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Tom Otterness, Horse and Rider Maquette, 2003

Tom Otterness


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Horse and Rider Maquette, 2003

Black Resin Sculpture held in original box
5 1/2 × 3 1/2 × 2 inches
Incised signature on the feet (see photos)
This rare, highly collectible, limited edition uncommon 2003 Horse and Rider black resin maquette is a miniature of famed American public sculptor Tom Otterness' large bronze "Horse and Rider" sculpture located at Texas Tech University's Student Union Gathering Pavilion. Rarely found in the original vintage box - this is a collectors item! The original piece was commissioned by the Student Union to celebrate Texas Tech's famous mascot - "The Masked Rider". Otterness' version of the mascot depicts the Masked Rider atop of the horse, kicking its “feet triumphantly in the quest for truth,” as he describes. (The tradition of the Masked Rider started as a dare in 1936 when an unidentified masked or ghost rider would circle the football field during home games. The Masked Rider became an official Texas Tech mascot in 1954.) The artist made a limited series of white and black resin multiples back in 2003 as a result of numerous requests by students for affordable models of the Horse and Rider. They were only available for sale by the Texas Tech student union and sold out very quickly. Although there is no stated edition, it was a one-off offering, produced by the artist just for Texas Tech students, with no second editions ever made. Once they sold out - that was it. Now Otterness' "Horse & Rider" is a highly desirable vintage collectors item. Created in an unknown but very limited first edition only back in 2003. Horse and Rider is difficult to find, - so if you're an Otterness (or Texas Tech) fan, we recommend you snag this one!



Height:   5.50
Width:   3.50
Depth:   2.00