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THEODOROS STAMOS Hand SIGNED (Autographed) Postcard of Infinity Field Painting


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THEODOROS STAMOS Hand SIGNED (Autographed) Postcard of Infinity Field Painting


For offer here is a rare hand signed and inscribed pictorial card by renowned abstract expressionist painter Theodoros Stamos depicting his painting "Infinity Field". It is hand signed on the recto (front) by the artist in blue pen and uniquely dedicated to Steve with the inscription "Best Wishes". (we'll tell you who Steve is in a minute.) It would great when floated and framed. Stamos was one of the most precocious members of the famous Ab Ex group The Irascibles consisting of Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman, Jimmy Ernst, James Brooks, Robert Motherwell, Clyfford Still, Ad Reinhardt and other artists immortalized in the famous 1950 Life Magazine photograph.

The provenance of this card is excellent. It was acquired from a well known international auction house specializing in autographs. It was part of a single-owner collection of visual artist's autographs that had remained intact for years. It is from a collection that was amassed by well known autograph collector Steve Juscik of Indiana, US, who personally wrote to Stamos (and many other artists) and received in return this uniquely signed and dedicated card. (Stamos dedicates it "For Steve Juscik".)

The card measures 4.1 inches by 6 inches. Theodoros Stamos is an important first generation abstract expressionist painter.

Unconditionally guaranteed authentic forever: NO questions; NO quibbles. This is an exremely rare piece of ephemera - as signed cards like this from Stamos are extremely elusive.