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Thelma Appel, Esther's Second Banquet (Haman's Treachery Revealed), Purim Collage #14, ca. 2017

Thelma Appel
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Thelma Appel

Esther's Second Banquet (Haman's Treachery Revealed)

Purim Collage #14, ca. 2017

Hand made paper collage on paper

Hand signed on the front; also is accompanying by handwritten text by the artist and a typed narrative


This handmade paper collage was exhibited in April, 2018 in the show "Thelma Appel: Landscapes, Cityscapes + Biblical Journeys Exhibition at the Edward & Bernice Wenger Center for the Arts in Greenvale, New York". Curated by art advisor and curator, Susan Seelig. It depicts the second banquet of the Jewish Queen Esther, married to the Persian King Ahasuerus, where she pleads for her life, and the life of her people. and she reveals to her husband that the enemy of her people is Haman. Accompanied by a printed sheet, as well as handwritten notes by the artist herself. The work is held in matting which opens up.
14 inches by 17 inches horizontal
19 inches by 23 inches horizontal


Height:   14.00
Width:   17.00
Depth:   0.30