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STANLEY BOXER Untitled Poster of Abstract Expressionist Painting Hand signed and Inscribed to the Director of the Andre Emmerich Gallery 1979. Warmly Inscribed to former director of the famed Andre Emmerich Gallery. Unframed.

Stanley Boxer


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This rare poster was created on the occasion of the 1979 exhibition of the renowned abstract expressionist painter, Stanley Boxer's at the famed Andre Emmerich Gallery in New York City. The poster contains an image of the artist's work, Blownstrandinsummerblanche, 1978, an oil on linen painting that was exhibited along with others at the 1979 show.  The poster contains an inscription to the former director of the Emmerich Gallery,  Bayot (Beet) Keerl. (Emmerich later sold his gallery to Sotheby's.)  The receipient of this poster, Bayot was a well - respected gallery director who was an artist in his own right. Beet was a man of great integrity and very humble - unlike any of his successors. Boxer showed his appreciation with an appreciative and heartfelt dedication located on the lower right side of the poster. The hand signed  inscription reads:

"Bayot - Being generous yet discreet 


Authentic hand signed posters by the artist from this era, particularly with such exceptional provenance, are extremely difficult to find and very desirable. Unframed and in very good condition.


Acquired directly from Mr. Keerl.


Height:   17.75
Width:   23.00