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Sol Lewitt, Original (unique) Drawing

Sol Lewitt
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Sol Lewitt, Original (unique) Drawing 

Original drawing done in marker

Hand signed and inscribed "Happy Holidays", on postmarked (franked) postcard


Unique , hand signed ink drawing by Sol Lewitt, done on a postmarked (franked) postcard mailed from Lewitt's home in Connecticut and addressed to Jerry Ciancolo. Jerry and his brother are longtime personal friends of the Lewitt family, and well known collectors of his work, having consigned Lewitt pieces to major auction houses over the years. Sol maintained a deep personal friendship and active correspondence with Jerry over the years. This work was acquired directly from Jerry Ciancolo; authenticity is unconditionally guaranteed.

Acquired directly from the recipient of this postcard, Mr. Jerry Ciancolo of Waterbury who is a longtime family friend of the Lewitts and well known collector of his work


Height:   4.30
Width:   6.75