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Sam Francis, American Glass Art Ornament II, 1988

Sam Francis


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Sam Francis

American Glass Art Christmas Ornament II, 1988

Hand blown glass held in original Klearform packaging with informational booklet

The ornament bears Sam Francis' printed authorized signature as does the outside box, as well as the cover of the informational booklet 

This ornament was featured in the exclusive 1989 Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalogue. From the New York Times of December 7, 1989: The ornament, which once retailed for $22.50 and now currently selling 'used' online for $200.00 and up is part of the Signature Collection from American Glass Art, a division of the Crane Corporation, which annually commissions ornaments by well established artists. The series honors "native-born individuals whose achievements are uniquely expressive of their American heritage..."
According to the vintage informational brochure which is included with the ornament: "This year we've chosen to salute the field of ART...because, above all else, an ornament is meant to be visually beautiful. No one represents American art more potently than Sam Francis, the renowned abstract expressionist, whose vibrant paintings are prized by collectors and museums worldwide...We are very proud that his collaboration on AMERICAN GLASS ART's ornament represents his first commercial fact, he's described this ornament as "my little sculpture."
Makes a terrific gift.
Box 5 inches by 4 inches
Ornament 3.5 inches diameter



Height:   3.50
Width:   3.50
Depth:   3.50