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Robert Natkin, Abstract Painting on back of Wells Street Gallery Invitation 1957

Robert Natkin


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Own a piece of Ab  Ex history! This rare and poignant early work, was painted on the back of an invitation card to Natkin's historic exhibition at the famous cooperative Gallery - the Wells Street Gallery in Chicago famous for thing Natkin one of his first - if not very first - one man show.  The Wells Street Gallery (1957–1959) was one of Chicago's vanguard galleries of the late 1950s. In the summer of 1957, a group of artists led by painter Robert Natkin opened a co-operative gallery at an old storefront at 1359 North Wells Street, Chicago. The gallery was tagged "an avant-garde exhibition place filled with the most advanced abstractions in town," by the Chicago Sunday Tribune. The Wells Street Gallery played a major role in granting young artists like sculptor John Chamberlain and painter Robert Natkin their first one-person exhibitions at a time when too few galleries in Chicago, or elsewhere for that matter, where interested in the work of abstract artists. The gallery closed after only two years, but made a historic contribution in advancing abstract art in Chicago. This was originally gifted by Natkin to a friend, and was not offered for sale at the time. 

In the original vintage frame. The work itself is in fine condition; the frame is what you would expect.  Natkin works from the Wells Street Gallery era are particularly uncommon and desirable.

Highly collectible, a real gem with historic provenance. 


Frame: 12.25 x 15 inches 

Sheet(site): 5.74 x 7.75 inches


Hand signed and dated on recto (front).


Impressive provenance: this painting was done on the back of an original invitation from the Wells Street Gallery - one of Chicago's vanguard galleries of the late 1950s that gave both John Chamberlain and Natkin their first one man shows. (The Gallery lasted only 2 years - so works, and invitations are extremely scarce.)



Height:   12.25
Width:   15.00