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Richard Bosman, "Though Shalt Not Covet They Neighbors Goods" (The Tenth Commandment) 1987

Richard Bosman


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Richard Bosman

"Though Shalt Not Covet They Neighbors Goods" (The Tenth Commandment) 1987 

2 Color Lithograph with hand coloring on Dieu Donne handmade paper.

Hand Signed and numbered from the limited edition of 84. Unframed.

This 2 lithograph with hand coloring on Dieu Donne handmade paper is signed, dated and numbered from the limited edition of 84 - though each one in the series is unique because of Bosman's hand coloring.   This rare Richard Bosman work on paper, printed by James Miller and Meurice Sanchez of Derriere L'Etoile Studios, was created as part of the 1987 portfolio "The Ten Commandments", in which ten top Jewish American artists were each invited to choose an Old Testament commandment to interpret in contemporary lithographic form. The "Chosen" artists were, in order of Commandment: Kenny Scharf, Joseph Nechvatal, Gretchen Bender, April Gornik, Robert Kushner, Nancy Spero, Vito Acconci, Jane Dickson, Judy Rifka and Richard Bosman. This lithograph is in excellent condition; unframed. This is the first time it will have been removed from the original portfolio case. (shown). Lisa Liebmann, who wrote the introduction to the collection, observed:  "...The image has, for most of us, replaced the word..."  With respect to the present work she writes, "Richard Bosman..has.. more chilling news... in addressing the TENTH COMMANDMENT against coveting thy neighbor's house or goods, he addresses the current fashions in white collar crimes....Bosman's portrait of greed, in a scratchy nervous style befitting his more ambiguous subject, consists of two regular guys - the one in the business suit with a tentative hand on the back of the one in shirtsleeves, who seems to be pulling away with clenched fists. Nearby sits an open suitcase of money -

 and in the background, two shadows. Something tells us that the cool one in the power suit has put one over on the other.  Something tells us that he'll get away with it -- that even God has lost interest in this Commandment..."

Excellent original condition. Unframed with deckled edges.


Signed and numbered from the edition of 84; with unique hand-coloring.


Housed in the original Ten Commandments Portfolio, 1987, Art Issue Editions, Inc.


Height:   24.00
Width:   18.00