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POLLY APFELBAUM Color Circle and Star 2004, Fabric Marker and Fabric Dye on Velvet Cotton. Numbered. Dated. Signed. Framed.

Polly Apfelbaum
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Hand signed, numbered and dated from the limited edition of only 20, and dated in ink on recto (front) with artist's ink stamp. The work is ships framed.


Not the first to tackle the color wheel, Apfelbaum's minimalistic aesthetic and influences from postwar abstraction are exemplified in this simple geometric design. Apfelbaum adds a handmade quality by saturating the colors through the cotton and allowing them to bleed outside of the lines of the print.


Known for her palette of eye-popping colors and hues, Polly Apfelbaum creates what she calls "fallen paintings," works which exist in a space between painting, sculpture, and installation. After using preliminary sketches and maps to plan the paintings, the designs are then arranged on the floor using hand-dye fabrics in vibrant, saturated colors. Organically inspired, her works channel both abstract painting with their geometric form and also non-representational subject matter, but maintain a physical and sculptural presence in the space within which they are contained.

Considered one of the of the most original artists working today, Apfelbaum's paintings push past the traditional disciplinary forms and into pop culture, while forcing the viewer to revel in the pure aesthetic joy of the finished creation. A graduate of Tyler School of Art, Apfelbaum has had solo exhibitions at Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art NYKY; Helsinki, Finland; and Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick, Maine.


Signed and dated in ink on recto (front) with artist's inkstamp.


Height:   28.38
Width:   28.38