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Mr. Brainwash, World Class, 2009

Mr. Brainwash


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Framed: 29" vertical x 41.5" horizontal
Artwork: 25" vertical x 38" horizontal

Elegantly floated and framed in white museum wood frame with UV plexiglass

Mr. Brainwash

World Class, 2009

Thirteen color silkscreen mixed media on hand stained archival art paper. Individually finished with spray paint and stencil balloon in a unique spot: over Michael Jackson. Signed and numbered from the edition of 21 recto; bears artists thumbprint verso, revealed in die-cut window on the back of the frame.
Unique variant.

Can you guess which famous historical personages are depicted in this World Class photo?

Rarely seen on the market, and ingeniously designed to look like a typical class photo, Mr. Brainwash's 2009 "World Class" is one of the most elusive and desirable works the artist ever created. What makes the present work so special is that in this one, Michael Jackson holds the red balloon. World Class depicts a fictional class photo of some of the 20th century's most famous figures in politics, art, and popular culture, including John F. Kennedy Jr., Madonna, President Obama, Donald Trump (remember this work was created in 2009, during the Obama Administration when Trump was some sort of business impresario/showman), Martin Luther King, Jr. John McCain, Mick Jagger, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Kobe Bryant, Walt Disney, Prince, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton, Leonard Nimoy, Debbie Harry ("Blondie"), Cher, Alfred Hitchcock, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Dalai Lama, Mike Tyson, Bill Gates, Kanye West, Steven Spielberg, Jay Leno, Steven Spielberg, Mr. Clean, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Brown, David Letterman, Mother Teresa, Muhammad Ali, John Lennon, KISS, Patty Smith, Sigmund Freud, George Lucas and many more luminaries.


Hand signed, numbered and dated with Mr. Brainwash's unique thumb print



Height:   25.00
Width:   38.00
Depth:   0.30