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Mary Cassatt, Mary Cassatt: Graphic Art at Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition poster, 1981

Mary Cassatt


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Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt: Graphic Art at Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition poster, 1981

Offset lithograph poster

Not signed

22 × 18 inches


This poster was published on the exhibition Mary Cassatt: Graphic Art by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service on 1981. The image depicted is Mary Cassatt, Maternal Caress, c. 1891.

About Mary Cassatt:
Born to a prominent Pennsylvania family, Mary Cassatt spent her artistic career in Europe. Though unmarried, she was no stranger to the family life she so often depicted: her parents and sister moved to Paris in 1877 and her two brothers and their families visited frequently. Today considered an Impressionist, Cassatt exhibited with such artists as Monet, Pissarro, and her close friend Degas, and shared with them an independent spirit, refusing throughout her life to be associated with any art academy or to accept any prizes. She stands alone, however, in her depictions of the activities of women in their worlds: caring for children, reading, crocheting, pouring tea, and enjoying the company of other women.

Smithsonian Institution


Height:   22.00
Width:   18.00