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Kenny Scharf, Weird Magnets (hand signed seven times), 1996

Kenny Scharf
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Kenny Scharf

Weird Magnets (hand signed seven times), 1996

Mixed Media Magnets (Hand Signed 7 Times and Dated)

This cool mixed media work features the famous Kenny Scharf-designed "Weird Magnets", which is uniquely signed and dated at the top, with each magnet also hand signed and dated by Kenny Scharf making the piece signed a total of seven times! It is elegantly floated with a beveled edge, then another beveled edge with colored matting in a white frame. Makes a terrific gift for Kenny Scharf fans of all ages!

13 inches vertical x 16.5 inches horizontal
8.25 inches vertical x 11.5 inches horizontal


Height:   11.50
Width:   8.25
Depth:   0.30