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Keith Haring, Running Time, Limited Edition Wrist Watch (Red), ca. 1992

Keith Haring
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Keith Haring

Keith Haring Running Time Wrist Watch (Red), ca. 1992

Official Mixed Media Wrist Watch. Numbered.
9 1/8 × 1 1/5 in
23.2 × 3 cm
Edition 2803/9999
A true collectible and a must have for Haring fans! In 1986 Haring was commissioned to create an edition of 10,000 watches to be sold at the Pop Shop. Unfortunately, Haring died before the project was completed but with official authorization from the Estate of Keith Haring they were sold posthumously at Haring's legendary Pop Shop. This work comes in the original packaging with estate logo. The cover notes that the edition is 10,000 - although, humorously, it is officially numbered 2803/9,999. The watch has the original battery as we did not want to tinker with it in any way; we cannot guarantee it will work, but we presume that if you replace the 30 year old battery, it may actually work, should you choose to use this as a functioning watch.


Height:   9.10
Width:   1.50
Depth:   0.30