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Keith Haring, Champions 1984, 1988 (Hand signed)

Keith Haring


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Keith Haring

Champions 1984, 1988

Offset lithograph (Hand signed and dated 1988 by Keith Haring with his logo)

Boldly signed and dated '88 by Keith Haring with his distinctive logo in black marker under his printed signature.  

This is the ORIGINAL (not a later reprint) 1984 invitation to the famous 1984 Champions show at the The Contemporary Art Center of Cleveland, Ohio. The artist who participated in this show and are named on the print are:
Keith Haring, James Brown, Ronnie Cutrone, Brett De Palma, Future 2000, Kenny Scharf, and Dan Friedman.
However, exceptionally, this poster was boldly hand signed and dated '88 in black marker by Keith Haring underneath his printed signature and date.
The original print itself is a collectors' item. When hand signed by Haring it is extremely scarce and desirable.
30 inches vertical by 20 inches x .5 inches
27.5 inches vertical by 19.5 inches horizontal


Good, stable vintage condition; a bright impression. This was a fold out invite so folds are visible up close, smudges & overall creasing.


Height:   30.00
Width:   20.00
Depth:   0.50