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Keith Haring 20 Lithographs (Coloring Book), 1985, Artists Book, Bound Very Rare!

Keith Haring


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Keith Haring

Published in 1986.

Plate signed on cover page; with publisher and artist copyright stamp and text, Published by: De Harmonie Amsterdam, in arrangement with Keith Haring
Note: There are 20 lithographs in the coloring book, but only the first few are actually shown in this listing. 
This is the rare, limited edition artist's book of 20 lithographs with stapled wraps published by Keith Haring in his lifetime. The coloring book features 20 original black and white offset lithographs of actual Haring drawings. They are the same scale as the original Haring drawings. This is the original lifetime artist book published by Haring himself in collaboration with his European publisher. Excellent vintage condition. Acquired directly from the publisher before they sold out. 

Note: This listing shows only a few of the lithographs in the coloring book, but including front and back covers, there are 20 in total. Also, please note that the images in this listing were scanned, and since the lithographs are larger than the width of the scanner they appear cut off or truncated, but they are not. Each lithograph is complete with full margins.
Provenance: Acquired directly from the publisher before they sold out.


Height:   12.00
Width:   12.00
Depth:   0.20