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JIM DINE Olympian Gestures (Hand Signed) 1984, Limited Edition Silkscreen Poster. Hand signed.

Jim Dine
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Jim Dine 

Olympian Gestures (Hand Signed), 1984

Limited Edition Silkscreen Poster. Hand signed.
38 1/8 × 25 in
96.8 × 63.5 cm
The limited edition, hand signed silkscreen poster, published on the occasion of Jim Dine's 1984 LACMA exhibition, depicts details from two original, important oil painting done in 1983 titled "Crommelynck Gate (The Sentinels)" and "The Crommelynck Gate (First Watch on Rue Grenell)" both exhibited at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Limited Edition. Hand signed on recto (front). Unframed and in excellent condition. Extremely uncommon when hand signed.


 Hand signed on recto (front).


Height:   38.13
Width:   25.00