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Jennifer Kimberly Carberry-Landis, Zayn and Morgan, 2020

Jennifer Kimberly Carberry-Landis


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This is one of the winning artworks in the juried exhibition Pets of the Pandemic, featured on New York 1 TV/Spectrum News, Augusta Magazine and and elsewhere including 300 magazine which can be viewed HERE.

This unique, hand signed and framed painting was cited for special commendation by the judge, art historian David Cohen, publisher and editor of Artcritical, who wrote,

 "Families of form and of critters, enjoying the freedom and spontaneity of line that is at the same time descriptive of textures and feelings."

Jennifer Kimberly Carberry-Landis 

Artwork Title: Zayn and Morgan

Egg tempera paint on paper painting

Hand signed lower right front. Framed



Framed 15 (horizontal) by 12 inches

Work 11.5 (horizontal) by 8.5 inches

Artist's Statement:

“…The past few months were very hard on me as an artist an as an Elementary Art Teacher.  Long distance learning was indeed a lot of fun but very lonely.  I got a fish but Co, the betta fish, didn't last past 3 weeks and I was back again to teaching in the kitchen with my husband sleeping till 12 or 1 pm.  The dog stayed with him. The last day of school we went to the pet store to get another fish and ended up leaving with a fish and a 10 week old guinea pig. (I had raised guinea pigs when I was younger and they always brought me happiness.)  Now I have four guinea pigs and Morgan, my little fluff dog loves to sniff, lick and bark at Zayn, the first one the most when I sit on the couch with them. Zayn has really been my light at the end of the tunnel.  The guinea pigs are in the kitchen and so is my painting studio…”


Height:   15.00
Width:   12.00
Depth:   75.00