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Jasper Johns, Offset Lithograph (Hand Signed by Jasper Johns & Inscribed to Michael Crichton's Brother) 1980

Jasper Johns


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This is a lovely lithographic poster, published on the occasion of the exhibition, "Jasper Johns Drawings 1970-80" at Margo Leavin Gallery, 1981. The poster is hand signed and dedicated to the late Douglas Crichton, the younger brother of famed author Michael Crichton, a longtime friend and collaborator of Jasper Johns. The work bears a beautiful ink inscription and bold signature by Jasper Johns. Extremely rare and highly collectible when hand signed and uniquely inscribed. Framed and ready to hang.


Image: 27 x 18 inches

Framed: 30.5 x 22.5 inches

About Douglas Crichton who was gifted this work:

Douglas Crichton (1948–2012) was an author and a reporter for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, and went on to become a senior producer for the Financial News Network, the cable startup that is now CNBC. While away from Harvard on a soul-searching retreat, he wrote his first novel, Dealing or The Berkeley-to-Boston Forty-Brick Lost-Bag Blues, with his brother, Michael Crichton. Throughout his multifaceted career, he read extensively and accumulated a vast library, edited many of his brother’s manuscripts, and delved into the research for books on such daunting topics as the Bill of Rights, English common law, and the history behind the politics of war. He is survived by his two sisters, Kimberly and Casey, and his wife of thirteen years, Debora.


signed, dated and dedicated on the recto (front) 


Estate of Douglas Crichton, younger brother of Michael Crichton, close friend of Jasper Johns.


Height:   22.50
Width:   30.50