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Jasper Johns Hand Signed Letter, 1996

Jasper Johns


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This listing consists of a typewritten letter, hand signed by Jasper Johns in response to one sent by the present addressee. While we do not see the fan's letter that prompted this response from Johns, it's not too difficult to guess, as Jasper Johns replies, stating, in part, "I wish I felt I could advise you but I can't. One either jumps in the water or doesn't. There doesn't seem to be any in-between." No truer words could have been spoken regarding the artist's life.

Underneath this letter, is a vintage Time Magazine cover, presumably from the same year, depicting a Jasper Johns Flag painting. This original hand signed Jasper Johns letter is historic and highly collectible. And it makes a great gift for a young person seeking advice about a career in the arts, because Johns' answer - framed on top of a Time magazine - is Timeless.

The signature is somewhat time faded but it is distinctive and apparent. (see photos). 


Height:   21.00
Width:   12.50
Depth:   0.30