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Helen Frankenthaler, Valentine for Mr. Wonderful, 1996 (Hand signed twice and inscribed)

Helen Frankenthaler


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Helen Frankenthaler

Valentine for Mr. Wonderful (Hand Signed 2x, dated and inscribed by Helen Frankenthaler), 1996

Hardback book with slipcase. Hand signed, inscribed and dated by Helen Frankenthaler.
9 × 6 1/2 in
22.9 × 16.5 cm

Beautifully hand signed, dated and inscribed for Carolyn Clark in ink by Helen Frankenthaler on the title page - with her initials as well as her full signature. This elegant hardback book with slipcase features eight beautiful color plates, to accompany a 1941 poem by William Carlos Williams called "St. Valentine". The book has 24 pages and gorgeous illustrations.   Authenticity of the signature and inscription unconditionally guaranteed. The title -- Valentine for Mr. Wonderful -- says it all. It makes a memorable gift on Valentine's Day - or any day!!! By the way, this book itself was created as a gift from Frankenthaler to her husband. Many people know that she was once married to Robert Motherwell - but the art world's volatile Golden Couple divorced in 1971.  The Mr. Wonderful referenced here is the artist's second husband, Stephen M. Dubrul, Jr., a Harvard educated former CIA officer turned investment banking mogul, corporate director and philanthropist who bore an uncanny physical resemblance to former President George W. Bush. Frankenthaler pre-deceased him by one year. in slipcase with no dust jacket as issued; minor scuffing to inside book cover; otherwise interior pages are clean and crisp and in fine condition. 


Height:   9.00
Width:   6.50
Depth:   0.20