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Harmony Korine, Original Drawing (Hand signed and inscribed to Nadine), 2015

Harmony Korine


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Harmony Korine

Original Drawing (Hand signed and inscribed to Nadine), 2015

Original marker drawing held inside hardback monograph

Signed, dated and inscribed by Harmony Korine with an original drawing across the first two front end pages.

12 × 9 × 3/4 inches

This is a unique, original drawing done in black marker and signed and inscribed to our Nadine, on the first two end pages of Gagosian Gallery's hardback monograph, on fabric boards with no dust jacket as issued. The drawing can be separated and framed independently in a standard frame, or framed on a shadowbox with the entire book or displayed on a bookcase or coffee table.

The monograph holding the drawing was published on the occasion of the exhibition Harmony Korine Shooters at Gagosian Gallery from May 12 to July 29, 2014.

Publisher's blurb:
From 'Kids' (1995), a meditation on New York City youth, to 'Spring Breakers' (2012), a contemporary film noir in which four college freshwomen are drawn into a murderous labyrinth of events, Korine’s films of the past twenty years merge reality with fiction and shaky “footage” with precise editing, holding viewers’ attention to the split second and thereby suspending disbelief. His heady mix of the unplanned, the seductive, and the outlandish crystallizes in his lesser-known paintings. Bypassing brush and art paint in favour of squeegees, leftover household paint, and masking tape, he creates loosely sequential images that echo the sonic and visual leitmotifs of his films. In Starburst paintings, he sticks overlapping segments of masking tape to the center of an unprimed canvas, then uses a broom to spread primary red, yellow, and blue dyes over the surface. The tape is removed to reveal bright, irregular stars shining through colorful mists; the final compositions are characterized by a spontaneous, explosive radiance.

Book information:
Published by Gagosian Gallery, New York, 2015
Printed by C&C Offset Printing Co. Ltd., China
134 pg, illustrated in color and black and white
Front cover:
Check Bla, 2014
Back cover:
Freon Check, 2014

Inscribed with drawing to the present owner - NADINE - so provenance is direct


Height:   12.00
Width:   9.00
Depth:   0.75