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Gary Lee Boas, MUHAMMAD ALI Lt Ed SIGNED Numbered 31/50

Gary Lee Boas


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MUHAMMED ALI Lt Ed SIGNED Numbered Photograph by Gary Lee Boas 31/50 



Gary Lee Boas
Muhammed Ali, October 6th, 1979, at Party City
C-Print, 2009
14 x 14 inches (image size is 12 x 12 inches)
Edition of 50
Signed and numbered by the artist



This is a limited edition vintage photograph of MUHAMMED ALI hand signed by celebrity photographer Gary Lee Boas, and numbered from the Limited Edition of only 50.

Boas' photographs are distinctive in that see sees his subjects from the point of view of you and me - the fan. They are raw - not posed and controlled.

This photograph is a Collectors Item. It is one of only 50 signed from this edition. It depicts Ali in the late Seventies (October 6, 1979) four months after he retired following this victory against Leon Spinks on June 27, 1979. This was an historic time in his career. (Ali would however return in 1980 to face current champion Larry Holmes in an attempt to win a heavyweight title an unprecedented four times. Angelo Dundee refused to let his man come out for the 11th round, in what became Ali's only loss by anything other than a decision.)

Gary Lee Boas grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and from an early age spent much time daydreaming about TV and movi stars. As a devoted fan, Boas began photographing famous
people with his Brownie camera at age 14. Never considering himself an artist, or even a photographer early on, Boas’ obsession grew, uninterrupted, for 35 years, into what has
become a massive archive of over 80,000 photographs, autographs and personal letters from movie stars and famous people.

Since the release of his book STARSTRUCK: PHOTOGRAPHS FROM A FAN (Dilettante Press, 2000), *Boas* has become internationally recognized for the snapshots he took of famous people in the* *60s and 70s as an unknown fan. His images have been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums throughout the U.S. and Europe. Boas’ second book of photographs, GARY LEE BOAS: NEW YORK SEX. 1979(Edition Mennour 2004), presents another Boas obsession—the hustlers, strippers, porn stars and sex clubs he encountered as a fan/participant in New York in the late 70s to early 80s.

Today, Boas continues to photograph celebrities, as well as documenting the many other interesting characters in his life. He spends time between residences in Lancaster, Los Angeles, New York and Paris.