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Frank Stella, Vortex Engraving #4 Charger Plate, 2000

Frank Stella
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Frank Stella

Vortex Engraving #4 Charger Plate, 2000

Artist Designed Limited Edition Porcelain Plate

Signature fired into base of the plate; numbered with David Mirvish Designs logo as well as the manufacturer, Haengnam Fine China, Korea

This is an exquisite limited edition charger plate by Frank Stella, with fired in signature and numbered from the edition of 1000. It was produced by David Mirvish, a well known Canadian impresario and longtime investor and supporter of artists of the 1960s and 1970s like Frank Stella, Kenneth Noland, Morris Louis, Helen Frankenthaler, Anthony Caro, Jules Olitski as well as Canadian artists like Jack Bush. Years ago Mirvish even had an eponymous gallery. This Stella plate production was yet another one of his many entrepreneurial ventures - and the result - the present work - is just beautiful.


Height:   12.25
Width:   12.25
Depth:   0.30