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DAVID HOCKNEY, Original Painting, Hockney Paints the Stage (dedicated to Walker Art Museum Trustees) 1983, Ink, watercolor gouache painting - signed by both David Hockney and Martin Friedman

David Hockney

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David Hockney

Hockney Paints the Stage, 1983

Original painting in acrylic, watercolor and ink. Hand signed and inscribed by David Hockney. Also signed and inscribed by the famed (then) director of the Walker Art Museum, Martin Friedman.

10 1/2 × 19 1/2 in

26.7 × 49.5 cm

Unique work

This original, twice signed and inscribed David Hockney painting makes a unique and memorable gift to last a lifetime - and it has impressive provenance as it is not only hand signed and inscribed by David Hockney, it has also been inscribed by Martin Friedman - the Walker Museum's legendary former Director. The work is done in ink, gouache and watercolor, depicting an entire stage set spreading across the bound two-page title page of the hardback monograph "Hockney Paints the Stage", published by Abbeville Press. The painting features a man doing a dance routine amongst a very detailed theatrical background complete with green costumed figures - just like the one on the front cover of the book. Hockney dedicates this painting "For Harriet and Ed", and signs it in ink. Harriet and Ed Spencer are former heads of the Board of Trustees of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. But there's more. To the left of the painting, on the top left corner, the book is also, exceptionally signed and inscribed in ink by the author- the legendary Martin Friedman, the longtime Director of the Walker Art Center - who, over the course of three decades, famously helped turn the Walker into a world class institution. Look him up and you will find photograph after photograph of Friedman alongside art world luminaries of the 20th century. Like Hockney, Martin Friedman has inscribed this book to Harriet and Ed Spencer, former leading members of the Walker's Board of Trustees. In his effusive inscription, Friedman credits the Spencers "enthusiastic support" of the historic Hockney Paints the Stage project with making it happen at the Walker. A crisp clean copy of this beautifully illustrated monograph, containing an extraordinary original painting by David Hockney. Superb provenance with the extra dedication by the director of the Walker, Martin Friedman. This painting is truly a piece of modern art history; a true collectors item - and a fine conversation piece. It can be displayed in an acrylic display box showing the 3-D aspect of the monograph, on the wall as a shadow box, on a display table - or the work can be removed by a framer from the monograph, floated, framed and hung on the wall like any other painting. The possibilities are endless. It is a must-have gift for any dedicated fan or collector of David Hockney.


Height:   10.50
Width:   19.50