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Damien Hirst, Blizzard (H13-10), from Where the Land Meets the Sea, 2023

Damien Hirst


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Damien Hirst

Blizzard (H13-10), from Where the Land Meets the Sea, 2023
Laminated Giclée print on aluminium composite panel
Hand-signed on the label and numbered 278/500
13 9/10 × 20 9/10 × 3/10 inches
Published by HENI, Inc. in close collaboration with Damien Hirst
Hand-signed on the label and numbered 278 of 500 - a very low edition for works by Damien Hirst with this publisher
Acquired directly from the publisher. Mint (new) condition in publisher's original packaging.
H13-10 is an edition of the original painting SC8. Blizzard which is part of the ’Seascapes’ series. The series join the photorealistic imagery of his ’Sea Paintings’ series with the expressionistic splatters of his ’Coast Paintings’, capturing the scenes and sensations of crashing seas.
This edition is part of the 'Where the Land Meets the Sea' series, which also consists of artworks taken from Hirst's latest series ’Sea Paintings’ and ’Coast Paintings’.

Acquired directly from the publisher


Height:   13.90
Width:   20.90
Depth:   0.30