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Cindy Sherman, Limited Edition Sundance Film Festival Plate, 2014

Cindy Sherman


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Artist Cindy Sherman lends a rarely seen vintage image from her iconic FILM STILLS series for this gorgeous, large limited edition porcelain tray designed exclusively for the Sundance Film Festival.Cindy Sherman lives and works in New York. The Limited Edition of 500 quickly sold out. 
Her work has been the subject of countless major international exhibitions, including a 2012 retrospective of her work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York that generated huge attendance and at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago (1997), traveling to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and several other institutions worldwide. She directed the feature film Office Killer in 1997. Sherman is a longtime fan of the Sundance Institute and its support for independent artists.
Medium: Porcelain tray with screenprinted image
Size: 11.25 x 8.25 inches
Limited Edition of 500
Labeled Verso with the Sundance Distinctive Logo burned in
Made in the USA, 2014
Held in the ORIGINAL - collectible - Sundance Institute Packaging Box
Cindy Sherman is decidedly one of the greatest American photographers, with her repertoire including some of the most expensive photographs ever sold. So it is no surprise that the Sundance Institute, with its mission to support great achievements in film and storytelling, would find a way to recognize Sherman as an icon of incredible merit. In turn, Sherman honors the Institute by becoming one of the latest members of its exclusive Artist Edition collection. The collection—which has featured work by artists such as Susan Sarandon, John Waters and Anna Sui—has become a delightful way to support Sundance by creating limited-run collaborative pieces with all proceeds directly benefiting the Institute. As part of this effort, Sherman contributed a vintage print from her illustrious "Untitled Film Stills" series, which has rarely been shown for exhibition despite its fame. Placed on an 11.25 x 8.25 porcelain tray, the image makes for a highly collectible piece that truly exudes the epitome of great film.
Cindy Sherman's "Untitled Film Stills" are one of the masterpieces of the 20th century; a major artistic accomplishment that ushered in a generation of appropriation, an invigorated criticism of iconography, gender and cinema tropes.
Most importantly it was an early work that went beyond the artistic parameters of photography to be considered as a "artwork" rather than a group of photographs. 
While Sherman has occasionally done "benefit works" for arts organizations this porcelain tray is unique as it uses an image from her most beloved body of work - the "Untitled Film Stills" 
First sold by the Sundance Film Festival, this limited edition multiple quickly sold out. 
This is a rare object by one of the most collected and important living artists. 
Sherman’s work is represented in every major public collection including SF MoMA, Tate Gallery (London), and Centre Georges Pompidou (Pairs) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC). 


Height:   8.25
Width:   11.25
Depth:   0.30