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Chryssa Vardea Lithograph, 1978, "Calligraphy IV", Hand Signed/N (Ed. 125)



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Here is a rare dazzling and gorgeous vintage hand signed and numbered lithograph by pioneering Greek-American multi media artist Chryssea Vardea. This early piece is entitled "Calligraphy IV", and it exemplifies her fascination with Chinese Calligraphy. It is hand signed lower right and numbered from the edition of only 125. The work was created on 100% rag 400 gram archival quality paper. The subject is rendered full bleed, having no margins. It measures approximately 22.5 by 28 inches in a vertical format. It is in absolutely gorgeous mint condition. Winning buyer will be delighted. It was published by Lublin Graphics, Inc. and Touchstone Publishers in 1978.

Chryssa's sculptures, with precision and definite form were a reaction against the prevalent Abstract Expressionism of the 1950s with its emphasis squarely upon the artist's intent. In her work, the focus is on materials and the way they are shaped for specific use by craftsmen. Chryssa got her early education in Athens, and originally studied to be a social worker. She was then sent by the Greek Ministry of Social Welfare to the Ionian Sea island of Zante. Zante's population had suffered great loss from earthquakes. Chryssa, disillusioned that monies were being provided to restore monasteries but not to help other earthquake victims, changed her life's direction to become a painter. Subsequently Chryssa went to Paris, France, and studied briefly at the Academie Grande Chaumiere and associated with surrealists Andre Breton, Edgard Varese, and Max Ernst. In 1954, she moved to San Francisco, California for a year of studies at the California School of Fine Arts, and there she first saw the work of Jackson Pollock, which had a liberating affect on her and inspired her to experiment with pure form. In 1955, Chryssa moved to New York City, and became the first artist to incorporate neon light tubing and commercial signs into sculpture, She was so taken with the lights of Times Square that she unsuccessfully tried to get a job as a sign maker but was prevented by labor union rules. Chryssa first made Pop images such as depictions of automobile tires and cigarettes. In sculptures she utilized letters of the alphabet. Ideas that predated similar images by Jasper Johns and Andy Warhol. Her first major work of interwoven light and letters was Times Square Sky of 1962, however she was dissatisfied because she thought the piece was too crowded. To create a sense of breathing, she inserted neon light, and for the first time, this material became an art medium. From that time, Chryssa was prolific and created many variations based on the letters W and A. For her, a primary motivating factor was remaining cool or mentally collected amidst the onslaught of bombarding information and to process it through her creations in new ways so that nothing was repeated. She set up her own work place in a vacant building and did much of her own hard physical labor, although she did employ glass blowers and foundries. A major effort was a piece titled The Gates of Times Square. Timers were programmed to turn the lights on and off, and black glass cases gave a sense of night. Her goal was to achieve a wide range of emotions from fear to pure joy, and it is alleged that she was not always cool or joyful with others when she was at work. Her reputation has been that of a driving task master with results that have brought her much acclaim.

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1954 - she moved to San Francisco, California for a year of study at the California School of Fine Arts 1955 - Chryssa settled in New York City, and became the first artist to incorporate neon light tubing and commercial signs into sculpture 1962 - Her first major work of interwoven light and letters was Times Square Sky. 1972 - Chryssa was given a one-person show at the Whitney Museum Select Exhibitions 1961 - The Guggenheim Museum 2000 - Fluorescence, Galerie Denise Rene - Rive Gauche, Paris 2000 - Fluorescence, Galerie Denise Rene - Espace Marais, Paris 2002 - Popcorn and politics -Activists of Art, Kiasma - Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki 2003 - Acquisitions 2001-2002 - Paintings and Installations, National Museum of Contemporary Art - EMST, Athens 2005 - The years of defiance - The Art of the 70s in Greece, National Museum of Contemporary Art - 2005 - EMST, Athens, Lichtkunst aus Kunstlicht 2005 - ZKM | Museum fur Neue Kunst & Medienmuseum, Karlsruhe, Light Waves 2005 - KALFAYAN GALLERIES - Athen, Athens 2005 - The Art of Greece meets China, Platform China, Beijing Select Artwork Composition in blue & gray. Originall color serigraph - c. 1966 Newspaper No 6 - 1977/78 - Oil on canvas Compostition For Requiem (Mozart) - 1959 Quotes Publications CHRYSSA [VARDEA MAVROMICHALI]: URBAN ICONS - NOV. 1982-JAN. 1983 - Schultz, DouglasG., Chryssa Vardea Mavromichali , Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Quick Facts Keywords Chryssa Vardea, Chryssa Vardea Artwork, Chryssa Vardea Biography, Chryssa Vardea art, Chryssa Vardea sculpture, Chryssa Vardea sculptor, Chryssa Vardea bio, Chryssa Vardea serigraph, Chryssa Vardea lithograph, Chryssa Vardea print, Chryssa Vardea poster, Chryssa Vardea exhibition, Chryssa Vardea gallery, Chryssa Vardea picture, Chryssa Vardea silkscreen, Chryssa Vardea visual art, Chryssa Vardea modern art, Chryssa Vardea printmaker, Chryssa Vardea black and white, Chryssa Vardea color, Chryssa Vardea art book, Chryssa Vardea exhibit, Chryssa Vardea artwork, Chryssa Vardea Painting, Chryssa Vardea painter, Chryssa Vardea sculptor, Chryssa Vardea perfomance, Chryssa Vardea op art, Chryssa Vardea performance art, Chryssa Vardea popart, Chryssa Vardea pop art, Chryssa Vardea work, Chryssa Vardea works


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