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Anthony Caro, Sculpted Bronze Belt Buckle 1993

Anthony Caro


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Anthony Caro

Bronze belt buckle, 1993

Bronze sculpted belt buckle. Stamped on the verso


3 × 4 1/2 inches
Edition of 500


Momart is a British company specialising in the storage, transportation, and installation of works of art. Today, the company is best known for two things: its annual artist Christmas gift, created by the most important British artists in the world, and a 2004 warehouse fire that destroyed irreplaceable art works including Tracey Emin's famous "Everyone I Have Ever Slept With". Momart's clients include the Royal Academy of Arts, Victoria & Albert Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern, Tate Britain and Buckingham Palace. The tradition of the Momart "Christmas Card" (an original artwork, not a card)  goes back to 1984 when the first object – a festive card – was designed for the company by Bruce McLean. Since then Momart collaborated on this project with many of the top British and international artists. The complete series of Momart Christmas card is now part of the permanent collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Tate. The present item is the 1993 MOMART Christmas gift -- an original bronze sculpture - a sculpted belt buckle, designed by famous British sculptor Sir Anthony Caro." It features the stamped text "MOMART Christmas 1993" on the verso.  Not bad for a Cristmas gift. Today these works are collectors items and can sell for thousands of dollars. Very cool, valuable and collectible! Unnumbered, but said to have been issued in an edition of approx. 500.


Stamped on the verso, MOMART Christmas 1993


MOMART, London, England


Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England (another edition)


Height:   3.00
Width:   4.50