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Alexis Anne Grant, Self-portrait with Miley and Callie, 2020

Alexis Anne Grant
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This art work has been selected by art historian David Cohen, publisher and editor of for inclusion in the benefit exhibition Pets of the Pandemic

Artist Name:

Alexis Anne Grant

Artwork title:  Self-portrait with Miley and Callie

Acrylic on canvas


Hand signed on the back


7 inches vertical x 5 inches horizontal x 1.5 inches

Artist's Statement:

This painting is a self portrait of me, Miley, and Callie. Miley is a rescue from New York, and Callie is a rescue from Philadelphia. These two have been my greatest companions through the pandemic. I began working from home a few years ago, so staying home all day together was nothing new for us, but 24/7 created a whole new dynamic. Let’s just say we needed our space at times, but the much needed cuddles and love never got old..”




Height:   7.00
Width:   5.00
Depth:   1.50