Nancy Graves Julius Caesar Quadrangle of the Moon, from Geologic Maps of Lunar Orbiter and Apollo Landing Sites 1972, Color Lithograph with Mylar covering on watermarked Arches Paper with two deckled edges. Hand Signed. Numbered. Dated.


1.00 LBS

This rare, early 1970s lithograph on Arches paper with mylar covering is by Nancy Graves - the first female artist to be granted a retrospective at the Whitney Museum. The work is annotated IV from the series "Geologic Maps of Lunar Orbiter and Apollo Landing Sites." Another edition of this very print was on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum in New York to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landing. The show was called "Apollo's Muse: The Moon in the Age of Photography". According to the Nancy Graves Foundation, Nancy Graves created the shimmering effect of movement in her print depicting the site of the Apollo 11 touchdown using an innovative technique: she drew directly onto a sheet of transparent Mylar. Landfall Press then transferred her drawing onto photo-sensitive aluminum plaques by color to create eight different lithographic printing plates, one for each of the eight colors in the final version Each color was individually printed one layer over the other onto the white Arches paper to make 100 identical prints. - Courtesy of the Nancy Graves Foundation

A terrific print for Nancy Graves' fans and followers.


Hand signed, numbered and dated on lower recto (front); with printer's blind stamp


From the Geologic Maps of Lunar Orbiter and Apollo Landing Sites portfolio