ANDY WARHOL, Fur Die Grunen, For the Green Party 1978, Silkscreen Poster for German Green Party


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This is an extremely rare and highly collectible green and black screenprinted poster designed by Andy Warhol entitled 'Für die Grünen', issued by the German Green Party during an election campaign. Joseph Beuys asked Andy Warhol in 1979 if he could design a propaganda poster for the German Green Party. The poster was printed after a small sketch, in an edition of around only 500, printed by the German artist Paul Sawitski in Gelsenkirchen. Both Beuys and Warhol offered their services voluntarily to the party at this time. Another edition of this work is in the permanent collection of Britain's Victoria and Albert Museum, among other institutions.


An important private collection of rare Pop Art posters, many of which were acquried directly from MOMA, Westchester, New York.